Riding the Dragon's Back

If you’re looking to read something that will get your adrenaline pumping, Riding the Dragon’s Back: The Great Race to Run the Wild Yangtze, will not only peak your interest, but leave you with a thirst to conquer some of the most treacherous rivers in the world. Author Richard Bangs is our very own Mountain Travel Sobek co-founder, and one of the pioneers of river rafting, so you bet he has some epic stories up his sleeve.

Riding the Dragon’s Back doesn’t hold out on these back-roads tales either, detailing several expeditions seeking to be the first to descent China’s longest river. Originally winning the Lowell Thomas Award for best travel book in 1989, the book has been revamped by Richard Bangs and Christian Kallen to further depict the drama and danger that these expeditions faced on one of the world’s most dangerous rivers.

Riding the Dragon's Back

An excerpt from prologue:

Some called it the last great river run on the planet; others called it impossible, a killer. Its allure was unarguable, and the competition between Ken Warren and the Chinese had all the drama of the race to the Poles. Many wanted to get there, some to see and experience it before it was too late, before the modern world brought irrevocable change to this far corner; others to be a part of a last, great first; some just for curiosity, and others for the glory.

A battle to the finish line was about to begin–not only between these racing expeditions, but between their adventurous spirits and the river’s madness.

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