Our Middle Fork of the Salmon River whitewater rafting trip takes you down North America’s premier wilderness river, where you’ll raft 100 rapids in 100 miles! And the fun doesn’t stop at the river’s edge. Hike up side canyons, catch glimpses of wildlife from bighorn sheep to black bears, relax in natural hot springs, fly-fish to your heart’s content, and encounter the past, from old homesteads to Sheepeater Indian pictographs. You’ll also have the exhilarating option of trying out  the rapids in an inflatable kayak, or “ducky.” Comfortable camping includes awesome food, hot showers, and fine wines. But the best part of this whitewater rafting trip is Mountain Travel Sobek’s world-class guides, whose extensive experience and indefatigable enthusiasm means you’re in the best hands ever.

Photos ©Chad Case, Laura M. Parent


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