Since Mountain Travel Sobek first went to Myanmar (formerly Burma) in 1996, much has changed—and is still changing. The country’s new openness has quickened its move towards modernity, and many of its timeless sites may prove to be not so timeless after all. In Novermber 2014, MTS President Kevin Callaghan will be escorting a special, exploratory journey, and we invite you to join him, to be regaled with Myanmar’s ancient glories and the excitement of its pell mell rush to the future, as it opens itself to democracy and the world.

What hasn’t changed about Myanmar is its spectacularly beautiful countryside and warm, gracious people. We will engage with hilltop tribes of multiple ethnicities in their remote villages, visit many of the country’s most spectacular scared sites, and experience Yangon, the new face of Myanmar. This brand-new itinerary is specifically crafted to reveal a rare glimpse into Myanmar’s legendary past and rapidly unfolding future. Designed to visit less-touristed sites and more untouched areas of even the well-traveled, must see destinations, it promises to give us the most authentic experiences possible.

Corinne Edwards, MTS Adventure Coordinator for Asia, recently traveled to Myanmar and brought back a trove of amazing photos. From the enigmatic centuries-old stupas of Bagan and Indein and the dazzling Buddha-filled caves at Pindaya, to the simple beauty of everyday life in hill tribe villages and along the shores of beautiful Inle Lake, they say more than words ever could about why Myanmar is such a must-see destination.


This special President’s Trip to Myanmar will fill fast! To book, contact Julie McCormack at 510-594-6034 /

All photos ©Corinne Edwards / Mountain Travel Sobek